Fluid Audio F5 5″ Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

Original price was: $399.99.Current price is: $299.99.



5 in. active studio monitor pair, great for budget conscious home studios.

The F5 studio monitor is the model that started it all for Fluid Audio, addressing many of the issues found with monitors at this price point. Bringing a lot of technology and value to the table, the F5’s amplifier rear panel has not only XLR and TRS inputs for more professional applications, but also includes an RCA input for more “consumer friendly” applications. The amplifier has a generous heat sink for long mixing sessions. Most monitors have their amp heat sinks inside the cabinet where all the heat is generated and cannot escape. The F5 amplifier ICs are mounted directly to the heat sink, so heat can transmit harmlessly away from the drivers and internal circuitry. The amp also has something no other monitor in its class can boast – a standby circuit that shuts down the amp after 20 minutes of non-use. This may not seem like much of a feature, but Fluid Audio knows that today’s consumers are concerned with being “green” and conserving energy, and this is their small contribution.

While the amplifier is extremely important, all of the sound radiates from the front baffle, where the drivers and port are mounted. The woofer uses a paper pulp composite cone, which has a curve-linear geometry and is mounted to a well-damped butyl rubber surround. All this contributes to a very well-controlled woofer response that integrates seamlessly with the tweeter. The tweeter itself is a treated silk material, which means it’s very light, very fast and provides just the right amount of articulation and “air” to high frequencies. The tweeter is mounted in a custom-designed wave guide that is a perfect balance between optimizing the low-end response of the device, and a great off-axis response in the near field.

The well-reinforced MDF cabinet minimizes resonances, and the front-mounted bass-reflex port allows the bass energy to radiate directly towards the listener. And unlike many other monitors in its class, there is a volume control on the front baffle for easy access.
All of these features come together to create a great sounding, yet transparent listening and mixing experience…at a great price.


  • Size: Near-field
  • System type: Active
  • Configuration: 2-way


  • Low-frequency driver: 5 in.
  • Mid-frequency driver: Not applicable
  • High-frequency driver: 1 in.
  • Full-range driver: Not applicable
  • Driver type: Cone


  • Frequency response: 49 Hz – 22 kHz
  • Max peak SPL: 101 dB
  • Amplifier class: Info not available
  • Output power: 70 W

Onboard Features

  • Input connectors: XLR, TRS, RCA
  • Standby mode: Yes
  • Acoustic space control: No
  • Power indicator: Yes


  • Width: 6.9 in.
  • Height: 10.25 in.
  • Depth: 7.7 in.
  • Weight: 11 lb.
  • Enclosure type: Sealed

Budget-friendly studio speakers great for desktop monitoring!