Fostex PX6 Studio Monitors

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Quality nearfield monitor pair.

The new PX-6 Professional Monitor Speaker consists of totally new 6.5-inch LF and 1-inch HF drivers. The superior digital FIR filter realizes unprecedented accurate sound reproduction and delivers class leading sonic performance. Also featuring the new ‘Fostex Active Phase Optimization’ allowing you to adjust the phase of each PX-6 by 9 degree order up to 180 degree for an accurate phase setting in the multi-channel monitoring environment.

50W (LF) / 28W (HF) digital amplifier
6.5-inch Crimson woofer
1-inch Urethane film laminated polyerster fiber dome tweeter
Digital Network Filter (FIR type) for dividing network
Unique Rotary Encoder plus LED indication
Fade In function to gradually increase the output level when powering on

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