IsoAcoustics Aperta 300 Isolation Stand – Aluminum (single)

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7.875″ x 11.75″ Large Aluminum Studio Monitor Stand with Isolation-enhancing Design and Tilt Adjustment – Aluminum (single)

Time-tested Performance Meets Studio-grade Elegance

The IsoAcoustics Aperta 300 takes the isolation stand design that’s been such a hit here at Sweetwater and tailors it to larger studio monitors. This sculpted-aluminum stand suspends your monitor speaker in such a way as to essentially remove your desk and other monitor hardware from the sonic equation, delivering a more transparent sound than you’ll get from a conventional stand. A threaded cap dials in your optimal tilt angle.

Isolation is vital to optimal monitor performance

When you place your studio monitors directly on a desk or mixing console, sound reflects off the surface and arrives at your ears just slightly after the direct sound, reducing the accuracy of your monitoring. And who wants to listen to their studio rattle around while they’re trying to work? The IsoAcoustics Aperta 300 isolation stand allows your monitor to “float” in free space, providing you with accurate, uncolored sound.

IsoAcoustics Aperta 300 Isolation Stand Features at a Glance:

  • Elegant studio monitor stand that offers amazing isolation with upscale elegance
  • Suitable for a larger speaker such as the Focal Twin6 Be/Trio6 Be, Neumann KH310, PreSonus Eris E44/E66, and more
  • Floating isolation provides transparent performance for focused mids and tighter lows
  • Threaded cap adjusts your tilt and angle for optimal monitor positioning

Get superior isolation and serious style with an IsoAcoustics Aperta 300 isolation stand!