IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck – Isolation Puck for Studio Monitors and Amps (2-Pack)




Isolation Puck for Studio Monitors and Amps

Improve the Sound of Your Existing Monitors

The concept is familiar: decouple a studio monitor or instrument speaker from its supporting surface and it instantly sounds better, with tighter bass and a more focused stereo image. Sweetwater engineers have been into IsoAcoustics’ monitor isolation stands since they came out. Now, we have the Iso-Puck — a small, hockey-puck-like isolation device that uses the same acoustic-mechanical principles, employing multi-part construction that dissipates energy, which, if transferred to your speakers, could compromise their performance. The Iso-Pucks’ round form factor makes positioning them under various pieces of gear quick and easy. They are a scalable solution, engineered to be used in multiples to appropriately support the weight of each speaker or amp. For secure mounting, they feature a suction cup flange on the top and bottom. Improve the sound of your existing monitors with the IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck.

Perfect for isolating your mic stands

Iso-Pucks are marketed primarily for speaker cabinet isolation, but they’re also ideal for minimizing or eliminating structure-borne rumble that can muddy up your low end and ruin an otherwise perfect take. Simply place Iso-Pucks under your mic stand legs, and you’ll improve the clarity and punch of your bass frequencies. This is a particularly valuable tip if you record in your home — or in any space other than a professional studio with effective floor isolation.

IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck Features:

  • Improve the sound of your existing monitors
  • Also works great on guitar, bass, and keyboard cabs
  • Decouples your speakers from supporting surfaces
  • Helps to minimize vibrational resonance into coupled surfaces and mic stands
  • Multi-part construction that dissipates energy that can cloud your sound
  • Suction cup flange on top and bottom for secure mounting
  • Small, round, and easy to position
  • Pack includes 2 Iso-Pucks