Mackie XR624 6.5″ Powered Studio Monitor +Headphones+Condenser Mic+Stand

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6.5″ Studio Monitor with Logarithmic Waveguide, ELP Bass Reflex System, Room Optimization, Kevlar Woofer, Auto On/Off, and Foam Isolation Pad (each)


Incredibly Accurate Monitor with Room Optimization

When it comes to monitoring, accuracy is everything. That’s what makes the Mackie XR624 such an excellent studio monitor. Its 6.5″ Kevlar woofer recovers from transients with incredible speed, resulting in exceptionally accurate low-end response. High and low frequencies are in perfect acoustic alignment, by virtue of the XR624’s logarithmic waveguide, giving rise to excellent clarity and articulation. Experience extended low frequencies by means of this monitor’s ELP Bass Reflex System. Built-in room optimization adapts to suit any mixing environment, and the included foam isolation pad reduces unwanted vibrations. Aesthetically, the Mackie XR624 6.5″ studio monitor features an eye-catching black woodgrain finish.

Designed for accurate, flat response

When Mackie designed the XR624, accuracy was priority number one. Its 6.5″ Kevlar woofer is extremely rigid, so it maintains its shape even when it’s being pushed hard. This results in fast recovery from transients, which translates into remarkably accurate low-end response. The XR624’s logarithmic waveguide matches its high-frequency dispersion pattern to the woofer’s, giving rise to seamless midrange-to-bass transition. This monitor’s recessed tweeter is on the same axis as its woofer, providing perfect acoustic alignment of high and low frequencies. The result is exceptional clarity and articulation. The XR624’s ELP Bass Reflex System provides extended low-frequency response, all the way down to 45Hz.

Room optimization tailors this monitor to your mixing space

No room is perfect, and for those of us who work out of a bedroom studio, this is a brutal reality. The Mackie XR624’s three Acoustic Space filters adapt the monitor to your mixing environment, providing you with a flat frequency response no matter where you are. The HF filter compensates for the brightness or dullness of your room. The LF filter rolls off your low end — perfect for simulating smaller speakers for reference.

High-density foam pad offers perfect positioning and maximum isolation

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an engineer here at Sweetwater who doesn’t employ some sort of isolation pad under their monitors. That’s because unwanted vibrations really wreak havoc on your ability to monitor accurately. Mackie knows this too. That’s why they’ve included a high-density foam isolation pad with the XR624. You’ll be shocked at how much this pad tightens up your low end. It also makes tilting your monitor to the correct angle a piece of cake.

Efficient, eco-friendly design

The Mackie XR624 is incredibly energy efficient. Its Auto On/Off function places it in standby mode when no signal is present for a period of time and turns it back on as soon as signal is present. A front-panel LED provides visual confirmation of the monitor’s status.

Classic black finish looks great in any studio

Your studio gear should be more than utilitarian. It should inspire. The Mackie XR624’s classic black woodgrain finish looks great and will add an aura of class to your studio. While the front baffle looks incredibly sleek, the rear panel also looks stylish, with its robust metal toggle switches. You won’t mind staring at this monitor for hours while you work.

Mackie XR624 6.5″ Studio Monitor Features:

  • 6.5″ Kevlar woofer recovers from transients quickly for accurate low-end response
  • Logarithmic waveguide gives rise to excellent clarity and articulation
  • ELP Bass Reflex System provides extended low frequencies down to 45Hz
  • 3 Acoustic Space filters tailor the monitor to your mixing space
  • HF filter compensates for the brightness or dullness of your room
  • LF filter rolls off your low end to simulate smaller speakers for reference
  • Includes a high-density foam pad for perfect positioning and maximum isolation
  • Auto On/Off function yields excellent energy savings
  • Classy black woodgrain finish