Neumann KH 120 Digital 5.25″ Powered Studio Monitor




100-watt Bi-amped Powered Nearfield Studio Monitor with Digital and Analog Inputs and Time Delay (each)

Digital Studio Monitors From Neumann

Neumann’s KH 120 D digital active nearfield studio monitor demonstrates the amazing sound quality Klein & Hummel are known for and the impeccable build standards you can expect from Neumann. This monitor features a Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide, which gives you a huge sweet spot, as well as flexible acoustical controls, and all-analog Class AB amplifiers. And the KH 120 D digital active studio monitor from Neumann gives you digital inputs and onboard time delay control, just what you need for your broadcast, overdubbing, time-of-flight, and ADR studio sessions.


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