Neumann KH 805 10″ Powered Studio Subwoofer




160W Powered Studio Subwoofer

A Superb Studio Sub From Neumann

The Neumann KH 805 active subwoofer sports a unique 2.1/0.1 bass management system for stereo and externally controlled bass applications, and boasts four routing modes, providing you with the utmost flexibility. You also get seamless compatibility with consumer sound systems, thanks to a bypassable fourth order 80Hz active crossover and adaptable acoustical controls. The engineers here at Sweetwater have used the KH 805 for tracking, mixing, and mastering in recording, broadcast, and post production studios with spectacular results. With low-frequency extension down to 18Hz, the Neumann KH 805 active subwoofer ensures that you get the most out of your KH 120 or KH 310 studio monitors.

Neumann KH 805 Active Studio Subwoofer Features at a Glance:

  • 2.0/0.1 bass management system for stereo and externally controlled bass applications
  • Bypassable 4th order 80Hz active crossover for maximum compatibility with consumer sound systems
  • 4 routing modes on right input connector:
    • Right channel bass management
    • LFE to subwoofer only up to 120Hz
    • Wide for multichannel systems where the bass management is in the source
    • Daisy-chain for subwoofer arrays
  • Acoustical controls adapt to your environment:
    • Output level
    • Low-cut filter
    • Parametric equalizer
    • 45-degree step phase control
  • Daisy-chain output for building larger systems and Plane Wave Bass Arrays
  • Remote Electronics Kit (REK 3) for installation convenience, less cabling, and convenience of use
  • Integrated electronic limiter for amplifier and driver protection
  • Low-frequency extension for main studio monitors down to 18Hz
  • Magnetically shielded long-throw driver yields low distortion
  • Generously proportioned bass reflex ports reduce bass compression at high SPLs
  • Excellent self-damping properties for minimal cabinet resonance
  • Allows your main studio monitors to play louder with lower distortion

Complete your studio’s monitoring system with the Neumann KH 805 active subwoofer!