Presonus Eris E8 High-Definition 2-way 8′ Near Field Studio Monitoring Speaker (Pair) with Temblor T8 Active 8″ Studio Subwoofer




8″ Powered Studio Monitor with Kevlar Woofer, 1.25″ Silk-dome Tweeter, and 140W Class AB Bi-amplification (pair)

Affordable Pro Studio-monitor Performance!

PreSonus Eris E8 2-way active studio monitors give you the kind of clear and accurate sound that you probably wouldn’t expect out of such budget-friendly speakers. For starters, these monitors feature robust 8″ Kevlar woofers that offer excellent low-frequency reproduction with next to no distortion, and silk-dome tweeters that deliver smooth and balanced highs. The result: sound you can trust, which means the mixes you create will translate better from one stereo to another. What’s more, PreSonus Eris E8s offer you extremely flexible back-panel controls that let you easily integrate your studio monitors with all the rest of your gear.