Ultimate Support MS-90-45 45″ Studio Monitor Stand Pair





Pair of innovative, functional studio monitor stands with built-in acoustic isolation.

The new MS-90 45″ Studio Monitor Stands from Ultimate Support are extremely stable, and will offer your studio monitors a secure platform to perform from. These innovative monitor stands are a unique design from top to bottom, and offer built-in features that help to eliminate unwanted acoustic vibrations. There are 4 sound-decoupling pads on the top of each stand to help stabilize and isolate your studio monitors from unwelcome vibrations. The aluminum stand is not only strong, but also has a very functional design, with three internal channels that allow for weight and cable management, so you can drop your monitor’s power and audio cords inside for perfect concealment. The base is also built with sturdy, die-cast aluminum for added stability. This stand is an ideal solution in any professional or project studio.

  • Non-marring, sound decoupling pads help eliminate unwanted vibrations and stabilize small and large monitors
  • 3 Internal channels inside the aluminum stand help you manage your monitor’s cables and weight
  • Rubber couplers at the base of the stand dissipate acoustic vibrations, helps eliminate sound interference when mixing, and improves sound quality
  • Designed with three-point floor contacts, use spikes or the included rubber feet as the interaction point between the stand and studio floor
  • 45″ tall, and come available in red or black

When you need more than just a place to put your monitors, order these Ultimate Support Monitor Stands today.