Behringer Nekkst K10S 10″ Powered Studio Subwoofer




Powered 180W Subwoofer with 10″ LF Driver

Glass Fiber Speaker Cone for Powerful Bass

Behringer collaborated with master speaker designer Keith R. Klawitter, founder of KRK, to design the Nekkst K10S subwoofer, and the result is incredibly punchy, powerful bass. Sporting a glass fiber 10″ speaker and 180 watts of power, the Nekkst K10S will add serious thump to any studio monitor system. A variable lowpass filter and phase switch make it easy to dial in the exact response your room and system need. Sweetwater knows that true full-range monitoring needs a sub for accurate bass response. Extend the range of your monitoring system, with the Behringer Nekkst K10S.


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