Genelec 7050B 8″ Powered Studio Subwoofer




Powered Subwoofer with 8″ Driver and 70W Power Amp

A Genelec Sub with Heroic Specs!

This is the subwoofer you need if you have Genelec’s 8020A monitor speakers! The Genelec 7050B provides tight, distortion-free bass response to fill out your 2.1 or 5.1 surround system. You’ll wonder how such a compact sub can go so low!

Genelec 7050B Active Subwoofer at a Glance:

  • Outstanding compact sub for 2.1 or 5.1 systems
  • Smooth, controlled bass from LSE enclosure
  • Remarkable frequency response from 8″ driver

Outstanding compact sub for 2.1 or 5.1 systems
The new Genelec 7050B LSE Subwoofer is a perfect partner to the 8020A compact monitors for both stereo and surround sound applications. The 7050B extends the low-frequency response down to 25Hz with amazing bass articulation. This is made possible in such a compact enclosure thanks to Genelec’s patented LSE technology. With 5 main input channels and an LFE channel with 85/120Hz bandwidth selection, the 8020A/7050B system fulfills the needs of 5.1 productions. You can also use the 7050B to complement the Genelec 8030A monitor.

Smooth, controlled bass from LSE enclosure
Developed by Genelec’s award-winning R & D team in Finland, the radically innovative 7050B Laminar Spiral Enclosure design dramatically alters how high-level, low frequency acoustic energy is delivered to any critical listening space. The result of LSE technology is the elimination of port turbulence-caused acoustic non-linearities, which means a smooth sounding flow of low-frequency energy from the 7050B’s rigid tuned enclosure.

Remarkable frequency response from 8″ driver
The 7050B is designed to complement Genelec’s 8020A active monitors in stereo and surround applications, and the 8030A in a stereo-only set-up. The 7050B subwoofer features a single 8″ proprietary driver with a 70-watt power amplifier. It has a frequency response from 25Hz-85Hz (+/-3dB), and the ability to deliver short term sine wave of 100dB SPL in half space at 1 meter. Like all Genelec LSE Active Subwoofers, the 7050B features extremely low distortion.

Genelec 7050B Active Subwoofer Features:

  • Single 8″ active LSE Series subwoofer
  • 5.1 Bass Manager Laminar Spiral Enclosure technology for outstanding bass articulation
  • Very low distortion operation
  • 5 XLR inputs for main channels and 1 XLR input for LFE channel
  • 5 XLR outputs for main channels
  • Frequency response 25Hz-85Hz (main channels), 85/120Hz LFE channel crossover
  • Complements a pair of 8020A or 8030A monitors for stereo use
  • Ideal for up to five 8020A monitors for 5.1 surround in spaces up to 2500 cubic feet

Add a Genelec 7050B sub to your compact monitoring system!