Dynaudio BM14S II 12″ Powered Studio Subwoofer

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Powered 300W Subwoofer wtih 12″ Driver

The Perfect Match for Your BM MkIII Monitors!

Designed to compliment BM mkIII series monitors, the Dynaudio BM14S II active subwoofer adds extended bass in mid-sized mixing and recording environments. After all, even if your monitors deliver ample bass, sometimes you still need more low-end to ensure an accurate mix. Employing a handcrafted 12″ driver and a closed-cabinet design, the BM14S II will bring rock-solid bass response to your monitoring system. At Sweetwater, we understand that your monitoring chain is the most important part of your studio. After all, if you can’t hear it, you can’t mix it! You can trust your ears when you use the Dynaudio BM14S II active subwoofer.

The Dynaudio BM14S II Active Subwoofer Features at a Glance:

  • 12″ woofer with pure aluminum voice coil provides clean, deep bass
  • Auto on/off for conserving power
  • Selectable LFE or slave mode for linking
  • Seamless adjustment of lowpass/highpass frequencies provides smooth crossover
  • Closed cabinet design delivers extremely precise low-frequency reproduction

Hear your mix, your whole mix, and nothing but your mix with The Dynaudio BM14S II active subwoofer!