Neumann KH 80 DSP 4″ Powered Studio Monitor

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Active 4″ Nearfield Studio Monitors with DSP Control and Mathematically Modeled Dispersion Waveguide (each) – Gray

Network Controllable Monitoring from Neumann

Neumann’s KH series established the world-renowned mic maker as an authority in the modern monitoring world, and they’ve done it again with their KH 80 DSP nearfield model. This remarkably affordable monitor features a 2-way nearfield design backed by DSP-controlled bi-amplification technology that you can control via a central network right from your tablet or computer. Sweetwater engineers are excited about this function, which makes KH 80 ideal for surround sound monitoring configurations. The KH 80 DSP nearfield studio monitor demonstrates the no-compromise sound quality and impeccable build standards you can expect from Neumann.

The Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide

The KH 80 DSP’s polycarbonate composite cabinet is loaded with a long-throw, composite-sandwich 4″ woofer and a titanium-fabric 1″ dome tweeter, each driven by a powerful onboard high-headroom amplifier (120 watts for the lows, 70 watts for the highs). The front baffle incorporates Neumann’s Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide, which helps produce a broad sweet spot and smooth off-axis response. In a stereo configuration, the KH 80 delivers a stable image with a satisfying sense of depth. Its compact form factor, excellent imaging, and DSP management features also make it a great choice for 5.1 and 7.1 surround monitoring configurations.

A monitor worthy of the Neumann badge

The KH 80’s frequency response is smooth and natural, delivering bass remarkably well for this size monitor. Its midrange presentation is detailed and revealing, neither overly forward nor recessive. The KH 80 DSP features network-accessible DSP-regulated bi-amplification that lets you configure your system from a central controller and manage multiple monitors from Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android platforms. Sweetwater’s take? You can confidently make critical EQ and mix placement decisions with this speaker. The KH 80 DSP is a true reference monitor, and worthy of the Neumann badge.

Neumann KH80 Active Nearfield Reference Monitors Features:

  • Top-shelf Neumann speaker technology in an affordable nearfield monitor
  • Tried-and-true 4″ x 1″ nearfield speaker configuration is ideal for mixing suites and small studios
  • Network-accessible DSP-regulated bi-amplification lets you configure your system from a central controller
  • Manage multiple monitors from Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android platforms
  • Mathematically Modeled Dispersion Waveguide (MMD) provides superior dispersion
  • Premium technology ensures top-quality imaging and signal handling