Grace Design m905

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High Fidelity 2.1 Monitoring System / D/A Converter with Remote Control

Transparent Sound and Comprehensive Monitor Control

With the Grace Design m905 monitor controller in your rack, you’ll have comprehensive control over complex monitoring functions, plus the undeniably transparent and dynamic sound Grace is known for. With the included remote control, you can check your I/O signal levels, switch between three sets of monitors and a sub, and have precise control over your volume level in .5dB steps. And because it has a powerful calibration system, you’ll find it easy to integrate the Grace Design m905 monitor controller into your studio.

Grace Design m905 Monitor Controller Features:

  • Comprehensive monitor controller with remote control
  • Color LCD screen makes it easy to navigate remote control functions
  • Precise .5dB stepped level control
  • Realtime SPL monitoring via remote control
  • Headphone outputs on rack unit and on remote control
  • s-Lock dual-stage PLL (Phase Lock Loop) for ultra-low jitter and top-notch audio performance
  • Inputs and outputs can be named for display on remote control
  • Dedicated Mono, Dim, and Mute switches
  • Mono mode can be set to L+R summed, Left-channel only in both channels, or Right-channel only in both channels
  • Three sets of stereo analog inputs, plus talkback mic input
  • Three sets of analog stereo outputs, plus a mono subwoofer input
  • Digital input via AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Toslink, and ADAT
  • Digital output via AES/EBU and S/PDIF

Incredible sound and control from the Grace Design m905!