IsoAcoustics Aperta Isolation Stands – Aluminum (pair)




6.1″ x 7.5″ Midsize Aluminum Studio Monitor Stands with Isolation-enhancing design, and Tilt Adjustment – Aluminum (pair)

Time-tested Performance Meets Studio-grade Elegance

Following the tried-and-true format that’s made ISO-L8R155 speaker stands such a hit at Sweetwater, IsoAcoustics’ Aperta isolation stand adds a whole new layer of style to the mix. These sculpted-aluminum stands suspend your monitor speakers in such a way as to essentially remove your desk and other monitor hardware from the sound of your speakers, delivering a more transparent sound than you’ll get from conventional stands. Threaded caps let you dial in your optimal tilt angle.

IsoAcoustics Aperta Isolation Stands Features:

  • Elegant studio monitor stands that offer amazing isolation with upscale elegance
  • Built to the same specifications and the ISO-L8R155 but made from sculpted aluminum
  • Floating isolation provides transparent performance for focused mids and tighter lows
  • Threaded caps let you adjust the tilt and angle for optimal monitor positioning

Get superior isolation and serious style with IsoAcoustics Aperta isolation stands!


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